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The visions purpose & goal

Within the Gothenburg-Oslo region, we will jointly be supporting the development of a sustainable, competitive commercial sector. We believe that we will be better able to achieve a well developed, cross-border infrastructure that can cope with future demands if we do it together. The key here is international collaboration, and this is something we have through the Gothenburg-Oslo platform.

The Gothenburg-Oslo partnership has two main areas of focus: we will contribute to the region becoming a leading European region with sustainable transport, and we will work to achieve a strong commercial sector in our region.

The Gothenburg-Oslo partnership is an excellent platform for illustrating and visualising the collaborations, points of contact and connections that exist and are taking place every day in our region between companies, universities, towns, municipalities and counties, science parks and creators. To name just a few. The most extensive commuting in the whole of the Nordic region currently takes place between Sweden and Norway, although not many are aware of its extent. We want to focus on this.

As a result, the partnership is not only a matter of promoting tangible co-operation, but also of reducing the mental distance between the regions and countries in the area between Oslo and Gothenburg and instead promoting its potential.

Why are we focusing on sustainable transport and business development? Because we know that a modern, cross-border infrastructure plays a decisive role in growth and competitiveness, in both the short and long term. If the required investment is absent, this will impede growth and social development in the Scandinavian corridor.

However, developed and modernised communications, shorter travel times and improved commuting opportunities will create a joint Scandinavian labour market boasting world-class competitiveness.

In such a coherent labour market region, the inhabitants are provided with more options, access to more workplaces and the potential to live in one place but work in another. At the same time, companies are given access to the right skills, labour force and competitive goods transport.

The strategy stipulates that the Gothenburg-Oslo partnership must work to profile the region in a European and national context and to increase awareness of the potential that exists in our cross-border region. We will also encourage our parties to identify and collaborate regarding joint opportunities within EU-financed programmes. Every year, through our Gothenburg-Oslo conference, we bring together decision-makers, parties in the business sector and non-governmental organisations in order jointly to discuss and focus on the common issues that are relevant to our region and that stimulate the development of the region. Keep a look out for this year’s theme and agenda on our website!

In the long run, the Gothenburg-Oslo partnership is also extremely important for the link to Malmö/Copenhagen and on into Europe. In April 2014, the ‘The Scandinavian 8 Million City’ project published its final report, showing that it is possible to create a coherent labour market through the Oslo-Gothenburg-Copenhagen corridor, but that cross-border planning between the countries is required.. The Gothenburg-Oslo region is tasked with actively helping The Scandinavian Arena to work together and show that a common Scandinavian labour market boasting world-class competitiveness can be created.


According to SCB monthly report


According to SCB monthly report


According to SCB monthly report