Göteborg-Oslo-konferens 15 november 2016 i Bryssel

Då konferensen sker i Bryssel sker följande introduktion också på engelska.

Sustainable and effective logistics as a key priority for Europe

15th of November, 09.30 – 13.30 (including networking lunch), at Norway House, in Brussels

The Gothenburg-Oslo partnership is an excellent platform for illustrating and visualising the collaborations, points of contact and connections that exist and are taking place every day in the region between companies, universities, towns, municipalities and counties, science parks and creators. The most extensive commuting in the whole of the Nordic region currently takes place between Sweden and Norway. The Gothenburg-Oslo Partnership wants to contribute to the region becoming a leading European region with sustainable transport.


The conference will focus on the importance of efficient logistics in the ScanMed corridor and will highlight why sustainable and effective logistics is a key priority for Europe. To participate, please Register Here

We are pleased to welcome representatives from the Transport committee in European Parliament, national and European city representatives as well as the European Coordinator for the TEN-T Scandinavian and Mediterranean Corridor.

To put The Gothenburg-Oslo region in a wider and more global context and to deliver relevant benchmark, we will also get valuable insights from the Head of the Regional Economics and Governance Unit at OECD, as they are presenting the start of their new territorial review of the “Megaregion Western Scandinavia”.

The day in Norway house will also deliver essential views from the industry as we are presenting representatives from both the Port of Gothenburg and DHL.